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Baggage Information


For passengers traveling on Cross Country;
One (1) piece of baggage will be free for each adult and child. Additional pieces of baggage can be accepted for additional cost.

One (1) small bag, up to 25 pounds, plus one personal item (purse, handbag, etc) can be taken aboard for each adult or child.


Baggage must not exceed 50 kilograms. Any Bags exceeding the 50 kilograms limit will be assessed oversized baggage charges.


Following are general rules regarding baggage carried on Cross Country or a connecting carrier.


Baggage Defined: 
All baggage transported in baggage service must be in a container that can withstand handling and piling that occurs during transportation. This is to protect its contents, and to make sure that it will not damage other property. It must be securely closed / locked, strapped, roped or tied.


Baggage not in containers will be accepted providing that it can withstand handling and piling without damage to itself or other property. Baggage can be either personal or sample baggage. Personal baggage includes clothing, toiletries (except liquids in glass containers) and similar personal effects. These items are for the wear, use, comfort and convenience of the passenger or purpose of the journey.
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